A Family's Journey to Simple Frugal Living and Cooking.

Frugal living can be fun.

Although born out of desperation, it became one of my passions.

I love the freedom it gives me. Freedom to be home with my children and freedom from financial burdens.

Are you struggling to make ends meet or just desperate to be at home with your children?

Then you too can learn how to live frugally. Through careful budgeting and planning, Frugal Living became a way of life for us. Hey, if I can do it, so can you!

Let me help you on YOUR journey to Frugality.

Hello, my name is Ray-Anne. In this website I will help you achieve this lifestyle, whether it is through

You can find all this and more in this website, which I especially dedicate to you, who just like me, want only the best for your family,

to be at home with your children

and make every cent count!

RayAnne Cahill, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

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Cost cutting tips, take immediate action!
Seeing immediate results can be a great motivator! Follow these cost cutting tips and give your frugal life a kick start...
Living on a Family Budget
A family budget is as good as YOU are able to stick to it. Not sure where to begin? Then you're at the right place, let me show you how...
The Frugal shopper.
What's the frugal shopper's secret? Simply put... smart shopping! Here's how..
Frugal Retirees
Frugal living is possible at any age. Be a frugal retiree, let me show you how to live simply and simply change the way you live...
Free Printables
Free printables to help smooth out your frugal journey. You'll find budget sheets, meal planners and more....
Frugal Gift Ideas
Need some frugal gift ideas? Give gifts that say "I thought of you when I made this" and make your gift giving unique and above all... frugal!
Have a frugal Christmas this year and enjoy the festivities without breaking your bank balance.
Frugal Beauty
You don't have to spend a lot of money on beauty products and potions in order to look good. Just invest a bit of time in yourself...
The Frugal Diet
Diets are expensive! But there <B>is</B> a cheaper way....
Medicinal Herbs
Using medicinal herbs before you run to conventional medicine is not only possible but also the more frugal option, here's how...
Frugal Fun
A bit of fun doesn't have to cost much. Let me show you how you can have some frugal fun....
Frugal Discoveries
A treasure of frugal discoveries to help ease your frugal journey.
Make your own cleaning products
Make your own cleaning products and learn how to remove stains, cheaply and effectively.
The Thrifty Kitchen
Easy frugal lifestyle solutions, ideas and thoughts for the kitchen
Baby on Budget
A baby can potentially cost a lot of money but through careful budgeting and planning, the new addition to your family doesn't have to cost you a fortune...
Frugal Kids Party
A kids Pirate party on a small budget.
Work from Home
There are so many work from home opportunities out there but which one is right for you?
Home School
Home School life fits beautifully into our frugal lifestyle. You can make it work for you too...
Meal Planning for the Frugal Gourmet
The Frugal Gourmet, through careful meal planning can still give her family healthy, delicious meals. Here's how...
Cheap Recipes
Eating frugally doesn't mean bland and uninteresting! No way! Here are some of my family favourite cheap recipes.
Meal basics
Don't know how to make a white sauce or Bolognaise sauce? Let me show you how...
Fast meals
Don't have the energy or time to cook tonight? Well then this page is for you...
Freezing Food
Buy in bulk and freeze what you can. So what food can be frozen....?
This month's meal plan
What's on the Frugal menu? Let me take the "planning" out of your meal plan. This is what my family will be having for dinner this month...
Basic Green Living
You've reduced your spending...why not also reduce waste at home? Learn the basics of green living here....
Growing vegetables
When growing vegetables you don't need to be a seasoned gardener. Growing your own vegetables is not only cost effective but also very rewarding.
Planting Herbs
Planting herbs can be very rewarding and is easier than you think.
Tea Herbs
Herbal teas can be very refreshing but it is also very healthy! Learn how to make your own by using tea herbs....
Words of Comfort. Coping in tough times
Coping during tough times can be hard...here are some words of comfort and advice to help you cope ...
Take Back Control
Take back control of your finances, time and attitude....here's how.
Frugal living entails cutting costs and living within your means but can you overdo it....?
Your Ideas
Do you have a frugal idea you would like to share with others, then you have come to the right place....
Free printables to help smooth out your frugal journey. You'll find budget sheets, meal planners and more....
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