Take charge of your life.

Frugal living brings about the benefit of being in control of who you are.

Being true to yourself means to be content.

1 Timothy 6 verse 6: "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

Contentment brings with it a sense of happiness and satisfaction - like smiling on the inside.

An almost worry-free zone.

Eliminate the worry / stress you have control over - like your finances , your time and your attitude and you already will feel a huge difference.

Life can get overwhelming when you have too much on your "plate".

Society stresses us out enough on its own with its set of demands offering quick fixes like instant loans, credit cards and overdraft facilities, so that we can afford that house, car or latest technology.

We don't have to save up - we can have it NOW!

But this brings with it a whole new "evil":


At the very least debt can keep you up at night worrying about how you will settle that debt....

......and at its worst, leave you bankrupt.

Time is another luxury we don't seem to have much of lately and we often find that perhaps we are left with very little time for our family and even less for ourselves.

Decide now not to let your finances and lack of time define who you are.

Take action TODAY and take control.

Overspending our time, money, self and emotions often gets us into trouble.

  • Don't over commit your time. You'll find you have little time left for yourself or your children. Take back control over your time .

    Take the time to reconnect with you and "recharge" your batteries. You'll find that you will end up having more energy and time to spend on your family.

  • Don't spend more money than you have. You'll end up spending whatever time you do have worrying how you are going to pay for it all. Take control of your finances .
  • You can't always control the situation you find yourself in but you can control your reaction and attitude . A bad attitude steals your joy.

Find joy in the little things and appreciate what you have and who you are.

The end result?


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