Cheap Recipes

A cheap recipe doesn't mean bland and uninteresting! No way!

Most of what we spend goes into the food we eat. Not only can you cut costs by cutting back on those fast food and restaurant visits but you can also cook frugally by:

  • using ingredients that are in season;
  • choosing recipes that fit your budget;
  • and replacing ingredients with more affordable alternatives.

Here are some of our family favourites. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do...

The following cheap recipes are just some of our family’s favourites. I have placed the recipes in different categories for ease of reference, click on the one you're interested in but be sure to visit the other frugal recipe options too:










Most of these recipes will have a South African flavour to them as I am from South Africa. So things like tomato sauce, is just normal ketchup and chutney is a fruity sauce, which you can replace with jam if you do not have it in stock.


If you're like me....

.... always looking for more....

...more frugal living ideas and ideas for inexpensive meals.

Then take a look at Easy Recipes with Twist. In this website Victoria Paikin offers plenty of quick and easy, budget friendly recipes and cooking tips with easy, cheap, flavourful “Twist”s.

Books I enjoyed:

Healthy eating on a budget - Sara Lewis and Dr. Juliet Gray

I loved this book. Although it was written quite a while ago, most of what is written in this recipe book still remains true.

There are of course some recipes that I wouldn't even try, I am not fond of kidneys and also haven't acquired a taste for kippers, so I skipped right past those recipes...

Another recipe book I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend is:

The Seven Ingredient Cookbook - Christa Welgemoed (Human and Rousseau)

These are all easy to follow recipes and Christa gives you a lot of tips, helping you add that individualised flavour to your meals. I also like the fact that most of her ingredients are easily obtainable and affordable. And so far I have found all the dishes I have made from this recipe book very tasty.

Special thanks to family, friends and mom for all the recipes I have gathered through the years.

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