Work from Home

I was there....

desperate to find a way to stay at home with my kids but many of the work from home opportunities just didn't "gel" with my personality.

Was I ever going to realise my dream of home schooling my children?

But I did and my advice to you is to

never give up!

Working from home fits perfectly into the Frugal lifestyle. You don't have to spend money on

  • Work clothes
  • or Petrol (driving yourself to and from work)

and as a mum, you're not completely isolated from the world.

So...what kind of opportunities are out there?


    Make money from home through online marketing.

    Starting A Home Business can include building and marketing a web site for:

    • Affiliate Merchant Sites
    • An Online Store
    • A Site Which Sells Your Own Products (crafts, books, music, inventions)
    • Selling Your Services (House Cleaning, Delivery Service, Painter)
    Reeds Home Business can help you get started by offering you a free lesson plan on Internet marketing.


    Find something you are passionate about and start your own website.

    Start part-time and build until you can drop your "day job".

    This website was born out of my passion for Frugal Living.

    Site Build It!

  • BECOME A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Sandra can give you some Virtual Assistant Advice. She provides friendly information for prospective or existing virtual assistants.
    Great information for work from home moms, independent contractors, how to start a home based secretarial service, transcription from home and so much more.

  • SELL A PRODUCT AND EARN COMMISSION Many of my friends do this. They found a product they trust and love and so find it easy to recommend it to their family and friends. One of my friends, Heather promotes and sells quite a number of products and she does it with such flare and ease! This definitely "gels" with her personality.

  • ...And these are just some of the many work from home opportunities out there.

    You just need to find that one that will work for you.

    ...don't worry!

    It is possible to find the Best Home Based Businesses to Earn Money at Home without all the HYPE. Visit Luis on his Website, Home Business Advisor. Working from home has been MY lifesaver.

    Life is good!
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