Frugal Discoveries

These Frugal discoveries are simple, easy frugal lifestyle solutions, ideas and thoughts I have collected over time.

This list is not complete and I will add to it as and when I come across new Frugal Discoveries.

So keep coming back... (-:

Often when I discover new frugal living ideas, I get that "ah, of course, why didn't I think of that!" feeling.

You'll see what I mean when you read further.

I found some

Thrifty Bathroom ideas

Frugal ideas for the kitchen

and these ideas to remove:

Kids messes and spills

I've had to deal with all sorts of child-related "accidents". Like pen marks on my walls, food and drink spils on the carpet and couch and even gum in the hair.

Moms learn all sorts of Stain-removal "tricks".


    For a sticky sweet or gum in the hair, rub a fair amount of peanut butter into the hair and then slowly pull the lollipop or gum out.

    For gum on clothes, put the item in the freezer and after a while, simply break it off.


    The quicker you deal with a fruit or fruit juice stain, the better. Immediately soak the item in milk for a few hours and then wash it as normal.

Bugs in the Garden

To keep bugs out of your garden, especially when entertaining, place an aluminium dish with a few slices of cucumber in your garden. For some reason the bugs hate it and stay away.

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