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Cheap Recipes

Eating frugally doesn't mean bland and uninteresting! No way! Here are some of my family favourite cheap recipes.

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Growing vegetables

When growing vegetables you don't need to be a seasoned gardener. Growing your own vegetables is not only cost effective but also very rewarding.

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Your Ideas

Do you have a frugal idea you would like to share with others, then you have come to the right place....

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Work from Home

There are so many work from home opportunities out there but which one is right for you?

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Frugal Kids Party

A kids Pirate party on a small budget.

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Your electricity bill

Reduce your electricity bill and cut costs even further.

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Live 4 Today

We all need a bit of encouragement. Live 4 Today is a FREE e-zine that provides you with frugal tips, recipes, reminders and encouragement...much needed in today's fast paced, instant cash society.

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