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Cutting Cost

7 Cost Cutting Tips
Cutting Financial Costs
General Saving strategies
Reduce Electricity Bill

Beat Christmas Debt

Family Budget

5 Budget Guidelines
Draw up a Budget

Frugal Shopping

General Smart Shopping Tips
Grocery Saving Tips

Make an Advent Calendar
Make your own tree ornaments

Take Control
Take back control of your:
and Time

Frugal Discoveries

New Frugal Finds

Frugal Ideas
Make your Own:

Cleaning Products
Stain Remover
Frugal gifts
Recycled Paper
Herbal Tea

Grow your Own Herbs for Culinary and Medicinal purposes:

Growing a Herb Garden

Growing Basil
Growing Chives
Growing Lavender
Growing Mint
Growing Oregano
Growing Paprika
Growing Parsley
Growing Rosemary
Growing Marjoram
Growing Thyme

Frugal Fun

Frugal Fun for the Family

Reduce Medical Costs - use:

Herbal Medicine to

Ease Pain
Treat Colds and Flu
Treat Tummy Upsets
Treat Infections
Ease Joint and Muscle Pain
Treat Problem Skin

Grow your Own Vegetables:

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Growing Beetroot
Growing Green Beans
Growing Potatoes
Growing Tomatoes
Growing Cucumbers

Your ideas

Share your frugal experience or ideas with others

Frugal Beauty

Beauty Tips

Frugal Dieting

The Frugal Diet Plan
Diet Breakfast Options
Diet Mid-morning Snack Options
Diet Lunch Options
Diet Afternoon Snack Option
Diet Dinner Options
Diet Evening Snack Options

The Frugal Gourmet

Drawing up a Frugal Meal Plan
This month's Meal Plan


Basic Recipes for the New Cook
Fast Meals for the Busy Cook
Frugal Recipes
Chicken Recipes
Meat Recipes
Fish Recipes
Vegetable Recipes
Pasta Recipes
Breakfast Recipes
Soup Recipes
Dessert Recipes
Homemade Take Out
Homemade Pizza
Pancake recipe
Cheese and Chocolate Fondue
Christmas Cooking
Christmas Cake recipe
Baby and Toddler Meals

Freezer Cooking

Freezer-friendly Recipes

How to Freeze Food
The lifespan of frozen food

Frugal Kids

Baby on a budget
Baby Essentials
Baby Non-Essentials
Entertain baby frugally

Entertain your toddler frugally
Kids Party on a Budget

Craft Ideas

Make Clay handprints
Make your own tree ornaments
Make an Advent Calendar
Pirate craft - make a periscope
Make a pirate flag
Gift idea - Stained glass bottles
Gift idea - make hot chocolate spoons

Go Green

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

Ageing Frugally

Retired and Frugal

At Home

Work from Home Opportunities
Home School
Thrifty in the Bathroom
Thrifty in the Kitchen


Encouragement during tough times
Frugal living is not...

My home school struggle:
To home school or not to home school

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Meet Ray-Anne
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