Frugal Kid's Party

I can't believe my little boy turned 5!

I wanted to celebrate his birthday with a party and a few of his friends.....

...... but as always had a small budget to work with.

So I set my frugal mind to work......

..... and came up with these Pirate Party Ideas:

  • The party started off with a Pirate musical chairs game - without the chairs ; -)

    The kids dance while the pirate music plays but must sit down the moment it stops - last one standing is out of the game until eventually you are left with two players - the winner gets a lollipop prize.

  • After the dance, we all gathered around the table for a craft activity. Each child made their own periscope and decorated it with stickers. Now they were ready to search for the lost treasure.

    Idea : For a girl's fairy party, you could help the kids make a magic wand out of a wooden spoon, cellophane strips ad a star cut out of coloured construction paper. (The star must be large enough to cover the spoon end of the wooden spoon.

  • The treasure hunt came next.

    I made a Pirate Flag for each child with their name on it and hid the flags with a little party pack all over the garden.

    Each child then had to find his/her special treasure - filled with chocolate money, sweet jewellery and a Pirate eye patch.

  • Water bomb time arrived with a "bang" when I walked out with a bucket full of water balloons (make sure you fill these with water before the party as it is a slow and tedious task).

    Each child received approximately 5 water balloons and had an absolute ball throwing it at each other.

  • After a good run around the garden, we called everyone together to sing "happy birthday" to the birthday boy, while I brought the birthday pirate ship cup cakes and juice.

    The kids devoured their cup cakes and juice, while the moms enjoyed theirs over a cup of tea.

    Idea : For a girl's fairy party, you can sprinkle edible glitter (fairy dust) over pink cup cakes.

This party didn't cost me nearly as much as it could have but the kids were none the wiser and still had loads of fun.

There are lots of really great themed party ideas that can be achieved on a budget, why not take a look at where you will find a great collection of ideas for party themes, invitations, decoration, games and food.

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