Christmas Tree Ornaments

My son is very proud of his handmade decorations and they not only have a special place on our Christmas tree, but also a special place in my heart.

You and your children will enjoy making these easy Christmas crafts.

  • Christmas Clay Ornaments

    To make the clay, mix:

    Mix 1 Cup of salt

    2 Cups of flour

    and 1 Cup of water

    together and knead the dough until it has the same consistency as play dough. Add more water if it is too difficult to handle or more flour if it is too runny.

    Preheat the oven to 180deg C. Roll the dough out thinly and with cookie cutters, create the shapes you would like.

    Use a kebab stick or pen to push a hole right through the top of your ornament.

    Place your ornaments on a baking tray lined with wax paper.

    Bake it for 20 minutes and let it cool down completely.

    Use poster paint to paint your ornaments

    and sprinkle glitter on while the paint is still wet.

    Let the paint dry completely, thread ribbon through the hole and hang your new ornaments on your Christmas Tree.

  • Photo Glitter Ball

    This is another easy Christmas craft idea. Use a small round bowl as a template and cut two circles per child out of coloured construction paper.

    Take your child's photo and use that as a guide to determine the exact size of the square you need to cut out the centre of one of the circles.

    Once you have cut the square out, glue the top ends of the circles together.

    Decorate the glitter ball and slide your photo in position.

    Glue both sides of the circle together to secure the photo, punch a hole through the top of your glitter ball and tie a ribbon or string on.

    Your Christmas Glitter Ball is now ready to go on your Christmas Tree.

  • Christmas Star

    Make a Christmas star out of construction paper plastic adhesive, glitter and shredded cellophane.

    Cut a star or Christmas tree shape out of construction paper and carefully cut a smaller star or tree out of the centre.

    Stick the clear adhesive on the back of your star and stick the shredded cellophane on the front. Now you can decorate your star by gluing glitter, stars and or/any other decoration on to your star.

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