Medicinal Herbs


Disclaimer :

Please note that this is not medical advice and does not replace the advice or treatment of your medical practitioner. Do not stop your treatment and replace it with a herbal remedy without consulting with your doctor.


  • Basil - where an insect bite has become infected, apply a crushed basil leaf to the infected area.

    For tonsillitis and even gum infections, drink basil tea twice or three times a day. To make the tea, add a cup of boiling water to a quarter cup basil leaves. Let it steep, strain and enjoy!

  • Chives - I always knew eating plants from the onion family were beneficial and that they are a natural kind of antibiotic, so I include onion, garlic and chives in most dishes.

    But it wasn't until I had done a bit of research on the topic that I really understood how good these plants were!

    Chives act as a natural antibiotic and boost the immune system. Whenever I feel a cold or flu coming, I chew a few handfuls of chives, which seem to stop the flu bug in its tracks.

  • Garlic - I love garlic! It goes into most of my dishes - even when the recipe doesn't require it.

    Take garlic supplements and eat garlic regularly to help clear up acne, reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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