Fabulous Manicure at Home

Having well manicured hands and feet always gives me a slight boost in confidence.

It takes my mind off things as I need to concentrate on what I'm doing and therefore it can be an inexpensive way for you to unwind and feel good about yourself.

The Home Manicure

The Home Manicure

Mix a tablespoon of table salt with a tablespoon of Aqueous cream and gently massage your hands with it to exfoliate the skin on your hands.

Use a mild soap to wash the cream off and dry your hands thoroughly.

Now gently push the cuticles on your fingernails back.

Start off by filing your clean, dry nails into shape. Remember to always file you nails in the same direction, not back and forth as this can cause your nail to split.

Then buff your nails to a healthy shine.

Paint a base coat on your nails and wait for it to dry. You can follow this with a clear coat of nail polish or with another colour of your choice or you can continue with a french manicure.

For a french manicure: Carefully paint the white line by working on a solid surface like a dining room table. I find the secret is to keep the hand holding the brush still, touch the brush to the tip of your nail while turning the nail being painted slowly - this creates a neater white line. Let it dry completely.

Paint the clear coat and once this has dried finish it off with a top coat. You can paint another top coat over it, once it has dried completely.

Remember to look after your hands by using a hand cream after you have handled any chemicals like for example dishwashing liquid.

If you found this helpful, then you will also enjoy learning how to do your own home pedicure.

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