Growing Vegetables


Ah, the humble potato! It definitely forms part of my family's staple diet - I don't know what I would do without it!

Potatoes hate extreme weather conditions; the weather mustn't be too hot or too cold.

Use only seed potatoes or tubers as they are guaranteed to be without disease.

From the end of Winter to the beginning of Spring and again from mid Summer until the beginning of Autumn, place your seed potatoes in a shallow hole, about 30cm apart and cover them with compost and cow manure.

As the plants grow keep adding more and more mulch and compost around the plants, leaving just the leaves sticking out. This will protect the young tubers from light and will also help them multiply.

When the plant starts yellowing, you can start taking a few potatoes for your table but wait until the plant has completely died before harvesting its crop.

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