4 Ways to reduce your electricity bill

  • Reduce your electricity bill by keeping the lights off during the day and making it a habit to switch a light off when leaving a room.

    We changed to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), which apparently uses up to 80% less electricity (and they last longer), and I have definitely noticed a difference in our electricity consumption.

    Install movement sensors on your security lights instead of leaving them on at night.

    My dad uses solar powered lights in his garden. Not only do I think it is a great energy saver but they created a lovely "enchanted" feel to the garden.

  • Your geyser (the big electricity guzzler)

    This very important appliance "eats" up a LOT of electricity - up to 39%!! Turn your geyser down to 60 Deg C (140 Deg F) and switch it off before going to work - turn it back on when going to bed. You can even wrap your geyser in a geyser blanket, which will keep it warmer for longer.

    Shower more and bath less. Not only do you use less water but you save electricity too!

  • Washing machines use the same amount of electricity for half a load or for a full load.

    So I make sure I have a full load of washing every time!

    I also use the cold water cycle on my washing machine only and I don't use the tumble dryer unless it's absolutely necessary! Instead I hang all my washing outside to dry in the sun.

    Use organic washing powder or washing balls if possible and then re-use the water to water your garden.

  • Use your heater sparingly.

    Only buy heaters with built in thermostats and only use them in the rooms you're in.

    Gas heaters are also a more economical way of heating a room, since gas is cheaper than electricity and is also a source of instant heat.

    Electric blankets use very little electricity, so switch it on before going to bed and then turn it off soon after turning in for the night.

For more energy saving tips, visit www.eskom.co.za, or http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Take-action/Money-saving-tips/Energy-saving-tips

I love seeing results, don't you? Especially when it touches my pocket directly....

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Acknowledgment: thank you to friends and family for some of these electricity saving tips.