Your budget.

Okay, now that you've drawn bank and credit card statements going as far back as possible (3-4 months), start by placing all expenses into categories. Here is an example of a budget - tweak it to fit your household's needs.

Once you've drawn up your household budget, you may notice that you either spend more than you earn or that you live well within your means (well done, if that's the case).

Most of us though, fall in the "spend more than I earn" category - so don't feel too bad if this is you. Living on a budget is well within your reach.

All you now have to do is cut where you can until, at least your income exceeds your expenses.

The best way to start doing this is to cut back on needless and luxury spending like:

  1. those regular coffee and sandwich dates,
  2. going out for drinks with the girls/guys
  3. or season tickets for the cricket.

Here are some more cost cutting ideas and inspiration.

If you still feel you are not doing enough or if you need some financial coaching , let David help you sort through all of the mental clutter caused by budgeting finance confusion.

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