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You will find the recipes for all dishes marked with an * below each week.


  • Chutney chicken*


    Green Salad

  • Mince and rice dish*

    Mixed vegetables

  • Tuna Brocolli*

    Green salad

  • Mashed potato

    Grilled pork sausage

    Peas and corn

  • Backed Beans

    Fried bacon

    Fried egg


  • WEEKEND DINNERS (week 4)

  • Saturday:

    Fried egg on toast

    French toast*

    Savoury mince

  • Sunday:


    Cooked porridge

  • Dinner:
    Cold meats




    8 chicken thighs and drumsticks

    1 x 69g packet of Oxtail soup powder

    1 x 69g packet of brown onion soup powder

    125ml chutney

    60ml tomato sauce

    200ml water / milk / cream

    Mix the oxtail and onion soup powder together and roll the chicken pieces in it. Place the chicken in an ovenproof dish with lid. Mix the chutney, tomato sauce and water and pour it over the chicken pieces. Cover and bake for 45 minutes at 180deg celsius. Remove lid and bake for a further 15 minutes. Serves 4


    500g mince

    1 finely chopped onion

    1/2 a packet of thick vegetable soup powder

    1 stock cube

    80 ml uncooked rice

    500ml cheese sauce

    400ml boiling water

    Brown the mince and onions together. Mix the soup, rice, stock and boiling water together and add to mince. Place it in an ovenproof dish and bake for 1 hour at 180deg Celsius. Pour cheese sauce on top and serve. Serves 4


    750 ml broccoli

    2 x 170g tinned tuna

    1 x 430g tinned asparagus (optional)

    1 x 150g crumbed potato crisps

    250ml grated cheddar cheese

    1 x 430g tinned cream of asparagus soup

    150ml milk

    Cook broccoli and break it up into small pieces. Place half of the tuna, broccoli and asparagus in an ovenproof dish. Sprinkle some of the potato crisps and cheese over and repeat layers, ending with grated cheese. Mix the asparagus soup with milk, bring to the boil and pour it over the dish. Bake for 25 minutes at 180deg celsius. Serves 4


    My husband has fond memories of his mom's special eggy bread. This is a family favourite, delicious with cinnamon sugar or syrup.

    4 Eggs 250ml milk

    salt and pepper 8 x 2" slices of bread or 4 thick slices

    1/2 tsp baking powder 50ml butter / margarine

    Beat the eggs and add it to the milk, add the baking powder and season to taste. Mix well. Dip the bread slices into the egg mixture and fry in melted butter until golden brown on both sides. Serves 4

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