Best ways to save money

  • Close inactive bank accounts.

    By doing this, I have saved myself R900 (approximately $99) in bank charges per year.

  • Do not hoard! Have a car boot sale instead.

    Keep the money you make for that special item you really want.

  • Save your bonus.

    When you get a bonus or a raise - DON'T SPEND IT! Continue as if you never received it and either put it straight into your mortgage or pay off all outstanding debt with it (or as much as you can).I hate owing people money - it keeps me awake at night!

    I also think it is important to try and save, even if it's just a little bit every month. It's good to getinto a "saving habit" - so that you have a little bit saved up for that unforeseen emergency.

  • Not everything costs money - some of the best things in life are still free.

    Or nearly free. We often meet up with friends and go for short hikes or walks in the mountain or on the beach.Afterwards we round it all off with a packed picnic lunch and some good conversation!

    Invite your friends to your house for a "bring and share" meal. You then still have the pleasure of their company but everyone shares in the cost! We usually end up playing board games or watching a DVD after dinner!

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