How to Grow Herbs


It's time for Thyme (o:

Thyme is best grown from cuttings or from chopped off pieces of clump.

Plant your cuttings in full sun, in wet but well-drained soil and water them regularly until the little plants are established.

Thyme enhances the growth of onions, cabbage and brinjals.

As Kitchen Herb

Thyme has a unique flavour - I love it! Try it in mashed potatoes or add it to your chicken dishes.

As Medicinal Herb

Thyme tea will help ease sore throats, all sorts of aches and pains, the common cold and even hay fever!

Make the tea by adding 1 cup of boiled water to a quarter cup of fresh lemon thyme or creeping thyme sprigs. Let it steep for 5 minutes, sweeten with add a little bit of fresh lemon juice and sip slowly.

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